Halsey's Meat Processing and Slaughter House

Family owned and operated for more than 20 years. Ronnie and Chris Halsey owners

About Us

Halsey's Meat Processing is a father and son owned and family operated business located 10 miles from Natural Bridge State Park in Wolfe County. For more than 20 years, we have offered hog, beef and venison slaughtering and processing. Within the last decade our business and reputation has expanded to cutomers across the United States. Our customers have the option of either bringing their own farm amimals for processing or for an additional fee, we pick-up at their home. For those that like both pork and beef, we also provide our customers the option of ordering their choice of meat. PACKAGING The meat is wrapped in clear, stretchable, freezer plastic twice and sealed with heat to resist freezer burn up to two years. We also offer vacuum packing for an additional charge. PRICES AND SERVICES Please call the number below for more information on prices and services offered.

We are Located:

From Lexington, KY: approximately 65 miles Natural Bridge State Park: approximately 10 miles Dessie Scott Children's Home: approximately 4 miles Address 67 Miller Ridge Pine Ridge, KY 41360 Please call for directions.

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Posted by: Ronnie Halsey or Chris Halsey
E-mail: halseysmeatshop@hotmail.com
Phone: (606)668-7313 or (606)668-9615

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